Everything you should know about moving from Sydney to Brisbane

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Brisbane is increasingly growing in popularity as a destination for interstate relocation in Australia. With its easy-going way of life, warm local culture and 280 days of sunshine per year, Brisbane is a great place to live and work! Many people have made the choice to move from Sydney to Brisbane in pursuit of a higher quality of life at a lower cost. If you want to learn more about how to make this change, here is everything you need to know about relocating interstate from Sydney to Brisbane.



Why people are moving from Sydney to Brisbane

Combining the benefits and excitement of residing in the city with the appeal of affordable housing and an overall lower cost of living, Brisbane presents highly desirable living conditions. This multicultural city has a large community of expats and international students. Brisbane has a lively culinary and entertainment scene along with an energetic culture of arts and music. Thanks to the enviable subtropical temperatures throughout the year, Brisbane’s residents are big on outdoor living and exploring the gorgeous natural sceneries surrounding the city. 

Brisbane has world-class educational facilities and a thriving job market that attracts people from all over Australia and beyond. The city’s ideal location on the coastline adds to the charm of living in Brisbane while the local transport system ensures seamless connection to other state capitals as well as international destinations. A major benefit to living in Brisbane is the affordable cost of living compared to larger cities like Sydney and Melbourne. Brisbane presents an attractive opportunity for cutting back on housing and transport expenses, allowing its residents to enjoy a higher quality of life at a lower cost. 


Comparing the cost of living in Brisbane and Sydney

The average cost of living in Brisbane is around 20% lower than in Sydney with the property market offering a cost-saving benefit of up to 60%. Moving from Sydney to Brisbane could have substantial financial advantages. An individual or family renting a house or apartment in Sydney may be able to afford to purchase their dream home in Brisbane while existing homeowners in Sydney could upgrade to a bigger living space for the same (or even lower) price in Brisbane. For this reason, this sunny city is a good relocation pick among young professionals and new families looking for affordable property investments, as well as people retiring from their lives in Sydney in exchange for a more affordable and laidback lifestyle in Brisbane.

Here is a quick breakdown of the cost of living in Brisbane compared to Sydney:

  • Housing. The median house price in Brisbane is around AUD500,000 compared to the median house price in Sydney of nearly AUD1,000,000. On average, rental properties in Brisbane are more than 50% cheaper than in Sydney. To buy property, the price per square metre in Brisbane is also significantly lower than in Sydney — as much as 120% in the city centre and up to 75% outside the CBD. 
  • Utilities. Basic utilities such as electricity, water, garbage removal, heating and cooling are around 5-6% cheaper in Brisbane than in Sydney. Mobile phone tariffs are also more affordable in Brisbane. The only place where Sydney takes the lead in this regard is the cost of internet data, which is about 10% cheaper than in Brisbane. 
  • Food. While restaurant prices are roughly the same in these two cities, groceries are slightly more affordable in Brisbane. When rent is taken out of the equation, consumer prices in Brisbane are around 5-6% lower than in Sydney. Retail prices on clothing, shoes, furniture etc. also tend to be lower in Brisbane. 
  • Transportation. Along with housing, Brisbane’s transportation offers the biggest cost-saving benefit in comparison with Sydney. Not only is it cheaper to buy a car in Brisbane but the cost of public transport is also more affordable due to the lower demand. 
  • Childcare and education. Brisbane’s average childcare rates and school fees are significantly lower than Sydney. Preschool fees are around 15% lower while primary school fees are almost 50% more affordable in Brisbane. 
  • Leisure and entertainment. The average cost of joining a gym or fitness club in Brisbane is up to 20% cheaper than in Sydney, while other entertainment options are often as much as 40% lower priced. 


Comparing the quality of life in Brisbane and Sydney

Brisbane has an overall high quality of life, scoring 190 on the quality of life index. This rating considers markers such as purchasing power, safety, health care, climate, traffic and pollution. Noteworthy here is Brisbane’s favourable property price to income ratio, which contributes to the city’s affordable housing market. Sydney also has an impressive quality of life index score of 180, although the property price to income ratio is notably higher than that of Brisbane. 

While the cost of living in Sydney is much higher than in Brisbane, the average income rate in Sydney is also higher to justify the increased living expenses. The average monthly net salary after taxes in Brisbane is around 20% lower than in Sydney. Despite this difference, however, the advantages of Brisbane’s lower cost of living outweighs the possible decrease in income. 



How to move from Sydney to Brisbane

Before moving to Brisbane, do your research and get to know the city. Learning more about important factors such as the local culture, the different neighbourhoods and the job market will give you a thorough idea of what you can expect from living in Brisbane to prepare you for the big move. If you are completely unacquainted with Brisbane and are unable to test the waters first, be sure to enlist professional assistance to make the best choices for your needs and budget. This goes for both personal relocation and corporate relocation in Australia.  

Interstate relocation can be a stressful and costly business, but it doesn’t have to be! Working with a professional relocation expert can iron out all the wrinkles in the moving process, from selling your house and packing up your life in Sydney to finding the perfect home in Brisbane and settling into your new city. A relocation specialist can also help you save money by engaging their reliable partners such as removal companies and property agents at reduced rates. 


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