International Relocation Assistance



Our most popular service is finding someone their new home. 

You are travelling a long way and the last thing you want to do is arrive to find that short term rental you got online is dirty and located next to the busiest motorway in the state! 

No need to arrive tired and overwhelmed and then have to start a house hunt whilst dragging the whole family around with you all day. 

Why rent something based purely on photographs when you can have your agent visit the property ahead of time and check it all out for you. 

Why pay through the nose for some temporary cramped accommodation when you can access great rentals that you know suit your needs. 

Get mates rates off the locals before you have even arrived by using the relocation specialists

We can either arrange the lease for you, or arrange purchase, depending on your requirements.

We can connect the utilities ahead of arrival, stock your fridge, furnish the home and have it ready for your arrival

Your dedicated Relocation Agent will personally Project Manage the move for you saving you time, stress and money!


Other Services

Airport pick-up

Often our new arrivals are worried about the actual arriving part! 

  • How do we get from the airport with all of our bags?
  • Will we need two cars? Or a trailer? Or a taxi with a trailer? 

Tired, stressed out and new to the area, why add this to your list! 

Let us meet you at the airport! 

Nothing like a friendly face in the arrivals home to welcome you to the area. 

We will pick you up and drive you and your hire car to your new home, drop you off and let you get a nice sleep and settle in at your own pace without having to deal with a sat-nav, not enough room in the back of the hire car, and negotiating new roads. 

Fancy a coffee on arrival? No worries, just let us know your order and it’ll be there when you come through


If you are new to the relocation process you may not have a Visa yet. 

You may be here already and your Visa is about to expire? 

Claymore Thistle know some amazing people that specialise in that area. Let us know if you need this service and we will get our agents to give you a call to discuss. 

Suburb Analysis

It’s hard to google a suburb and know its what you want from your new location. Do you want lots of families around you, or party animals, maybe you want a really large garden, or something close to great public transport routes? 

Remove the guess work and just ask. Our relocation specialist can advise you on the best suburbs to suit your needs. Want to be close to work to cut that commute but also next to a great school for your kids? No worries, we know the area and we will work with you in order to narrow down the suburbs that will suit your lifestyle. 


Let us show you around town.

Whether you come in for a pre-move reconnaissance mission, or you would like a tour upon arrival, it’s better to do it with someone who knows their way around.

No point wandering around asking Google for the ‘top 5 best places to get coffee’ when our relocation specialists can just pick you up on arrival and take you for some (let’s face it though, its Australia, everywhere does good coffee).

Our local relocation agents know the place well and will be able to point out areas of interest, suburbs you might like and schools that may suit your family, or where the best bars and restaurants are. We can also give you the low-down on where to go and what’s happening in the upcoming weeks or months and drop you off at your accommodation when we are done so you don’t need to worry about driving yourself around a new place.



Picking a school, kindy or daycare is hard work. It doesn’t help that every state calls the early year stages something different. 

  • Is your kid going into prep, or kindy, or pre-prep?
  • If you are coming from overseas which year is the equivalent to the one your child is currently in? 
  • Do you find a house first, or the school first then the house nearby? 

These are all questions we can help with. We can put you in touch with the schools that may interest you and arrange for interviews upon arrival. We can liaise with the schools during the day and relay that information to you if you are in a different time zone. 


Travel Arrangements

Claymore Thistle has some preferred travel partners they like to use and we would happily put you in touch with these companies if you require assistance:

  • booking cars
  • shipping goods
  • booking flights
  • accommodation en-route
  • moving your pets
  • shipping your car

Whatever it may be, we will know someone. 


Outbound Relocation Service

Our other popular service is our Outbound Relocation Service. 

When its time to leave and you have to manage the timing of everything down to the finer details: 

When is the latest I can I sell my fridge freezer and just live off take-away till I leave?

When can I get the car sold, but not have to take public transport or Uber everywhere? 

How do I get the house clean when everyone is still living in it to the last day?

How do I sell the beds when we still need them until we leave? 

These are the questions every mover has to deal with and we provide the solution. 

Don’t do anything! 

Don’t sell it. Just leave……..leave everything to us! 

On your last day, when the airport run is happening and you have packed all the things you are taking, just hand us the keys and walk away. We will take care of the rest. 


Packing and storage

Sale of white goods and furnishings

Sale of cars

Bond/house clean

Final meter reads and disconnection

Hand back of keys to rental agency

Sale of house

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