Corporate Relocations

Your moving concierge, let us handle the details

Corporate Relocation Services



Our professional team are here to minimise disruption to your services by getting your transferees in and settled as quickly as possible. 

We provide customised relocation packages to remove problems such as 

– having to move twice on arrival, once into temp accomodation and then again into their longer term 

– not being able to get their kids into a school immediately 

– having to take time off work to attend viewings

– costly short term accomodation budget overruns 

Your dedicated Relocation Consultant will personally Project Manage the move for you and your employee, providing detailed updates to both the company and the transferee as required. Working together we find a solution that reduces stress, saves time and money and altogether improves employee engagement and retention. 

Time Saving
We will carry out all property searches and negotiations, plan and execute the move and provide solutions to any problems that may arise during the move. 
We offer on the ground assistance to the company and employee before, during and after the move freeing up your staff to carry out their own designated roles and doing what they were hired to do. 
Cost Saving
This is one of our top priorities. Making sure that value for money is achieved, our executive relocation agents use pre-approved partners to assist with the relocation of your employees and their families.
We will know who the best shipping company is that can take care of the move for the best price. Some of our partners include migration agents, furniture movers, pet & car shipping companies, furniture and car hire, storage solutions, flights and much more.
Our agents will work to ensure that the most cost efficient solutions are found in order to maximise the moving budget whilst still ensuring a smooth and efficient move.  

Home Search

Detailed home search using local agents who know the real estate market 


Professional and safe relocations of home contents 


Move personal effects worldwide with ease. Up to date reporting of where your goods are and when they are arriving


Secure long or short term storage 


Negotiate and secure lease or home purchase. Review contract documention and advise. 

Connect Utilities

Connection to the things you need in your home prior to arrival such as internet, gas & electricity.


Arrival point pick-up 

Grocery Shop

Allow us to stock the cupboards for arrival


First day of work transfer service. A friendly face to handover on the first day in the new role. 


Client Support Services

  • Professional advice on all aspects of the relocation
  • Issue tracking and resolutions
  • Consolidated invoicing
  • Archive employee data, store preferences for future relocations
  • Client satisfaction survey
  • Dedicated relocation account manager
  • Visa and Immigration support and advice
  • Financial advice: tax, superannuation and remuneration packages 

Download our Relocation Checklist

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