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Wondering how to relocate to Africa? This quick guide is a great place to start!

Many misconceptions about Africa are maintained in Western countries. It’s not uncommon for people from outside the continent to think of Africa as one big country instead of regarding each African country and culture as its own entity. Home to more than 50 countries, Africa is a culturally rich and highly divergent continent. The people of the African continent are believed to speak more languages than any other place in the world. It is not only language that makes Africa such a diverse continent: economic conditions, work opportunities, cultural traditions, and lifestyles vary greatly in each country, city and town.


Fast facts

  • Africa is the world’s second-largest continent and occupies around one-fifth of the planet’s total land surface.
  • Arabic is the most widely spoken language in Africa, followed by English and Swahili, among others.
  • The African continent is home to the world’s tallest and largest animals — the giraffe and the African elephant.


Why do people relocate to Africa?

African countries are known for their friendly, welcoming character and inviting hospitality towards foreigners and expats. If you plan on relocating to an African country, you can look forward to enjoying amazing healthy food. Each country has its own signature dishes with food playing an important role in culture and socialising. When living in an African country, you can easily explore the rest of the continent to get to know some of the most beautiful African landmarks.

The continent has a growing economy with plenty of entrepreneurial potential. In terms of job opportunities, there is a need for skilled workers in specialised sectors. Further to this, African countries offer a high quality of education with the continent being home to some of the best-rated universities in the world. Many countries across the African continent have a strong culture of art, music, literature, theatre, dance, and sports.


What do I need to know before moving to Africa?

When researching how to relocate to Africa, it can be quite a challenge to decide which country to move to. African cities are vibrant, cultural melting pots, from Morocco’s Marrakesh with its exciting arts scene and Egypt’s bustling Cairo to South Africa’s fast-paced Johannesburg and Zanzibar’s mesmerising Stone Town. With jaw-dropping sceneries ranging from tropical rainforest and white sand beaches to desert landscapes and savannahs, it’s no secret that the African continent is known and admired for its natural beauty. No matter where you are travelling in Africa, you will be astonished by the indigenous plant growth and animal wildlife.


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