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Episode 7 – A Global Marketplace

Madalina from X-Path Global explains to us what a digital marketplace is and how it can help on your relocation journey, be you the employer moving employees, or the employee needing assistance during a relocation

Episode 6 -Renting a Property in Australia

Beccy joins us today from Green & Co Real Estate to talk to us about renting a house in Australia. What you need to know and how to get your bond back!

Episode 5 – The Low Down From The Kids

Moving to Australia with kids? You need to watch this and let these three professionals put your mind at ease!

Episode 4 – Down Under Center chats about Australia Part 2

Wes kindly joins us again to talk more about what you need to know about emigrating. Wes talks about the English test and what to expect when you get here. Great information from a local!

Episode 3 – How to immigrate to Australia during the pandemic

Wes Zandt from the Down Under Centre explaining how they help people emigrating to Australia and talking about the process and all sorts of things you need to know about Australia.

Episode 2 – What you need to know before buying a house in 2021

Not sure on how to buy a house in Australia? Let Von Barnes explain how things work in the current market!

Episode 1 – Buying a house with Adam Kingston

Today we are talking with Adam Kingston from Australian Expat Finance about getting a mortgage in Australia. If you are in the process of buying or looking to relocate soon and buy your own house here we recommend you have a listen.

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