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Germany is one of Europe’s most beautiful countries. Whether you are drawn to the wonders of the Bavarian Alps and the Black Forest, intrigued by Berlin’s alternative arts and music scene, or fascinated by the historic architecture and century-old castles dotted all over the country, Germany is an absolute must-visit. If you want to learn more about how to relocate to Germany, this quick guide is for you!


Fast facts

  • Germany is home to more than 20,000 castles.
  • Germany is highly forested with over 11 million hectares of forest cover — that’s almost one-third of the country!
  • Germany is the largest economy in Europe and holds the fourth position globally.


Why do people relocate to Germany?

Germany is a popular relocation destination for many reasons. Firstly, Germany boasts one of the highest employment rates in the world. The country maintains a healthy work-life balance with employees working reasonable hours and all shops and businesses closing on Sundays to give everyone a chance to rest before the new week.

A major benefit of living in Germany is the free healthcare offered to all citizens as well as expats with health insurance. The majority of the country’s residents make use of the tax-funded public healthcare system. Further to this, Germany is known for its excellent quality of education. Higher education in Germany is mainly state-funded and offers a wide range of options for both local and international students to choose from.

Germany has an exciting cultural calendar. In addition to the world-famous two-week-long Oktoberfest that is held annually in Munich, Germany hosts several festivals throughout the year. This includes the Karneval featuring decorated floats and dressed-up performers held in February each year, and the Wurstmarkt in September where hundreds of thousands of people come together to celebrate their love for wine and the sausages that Germany is so well-known for.


What do I need to know before moving to Germany?

To be eligible to relocate to Germany, you need to prove that you have financial stability, health insurance, and basic German proficiency. Germany offers various visa types, including business visas, student visas, job-seeker visas, work visas, training/internship visas, and family reunion visas to join a partner or relative. Germany welcomes skilled workers in the engineering, IT and healthcare industries.

To permanently relocate to Germany as a non-EU citizen, the first step is to find a job. Next, apply for a work visa and work permit. Once you arrive in Germany, you can register for German health insurance and apply for a German residence permit at the immigration office. You can start working as soon as you have your residence permit and will become eligible for permanent residency within five years.

Planning on moving to Germany, but wondering whether your beloved pets will be able to accompany you? Don’t stress. You can relocate pets to Germany as long as they are microchipped and have the required documents.


Ready to relocate to Germany?

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