Settling In

Settling in

You have arrived at your destination! 

All the hard work and planning has paid off, you are finally here and ready to start this new exciting part of settling in to your new home. What do you need to do now? No doubt you have the main items all sorted by your relocation agent already. They sorted you out with a house, a school, your internet and phones are up and running and your pets are on their way, so time to get on with all the other parts. This area is designed to make that part of your life easier as well. We don’t want you to 

We are here to help you figure out all those little things that you need to get up and running now. Your Tax File Number (TFN), your drivers license, tips on buying or selling a house, Medicare information, education, whatever you are looking for we will have it, or you can ask for it in the community group. Welcome and Happy Settling In!  



Some of us may have relocated to get some distance from our fellow countrymen, some of us may want to hang out as an ex-pat community, or perhaps you want to meet fellow ex-pats and find out where they are from and what brought you here!.

Join our Facebook Group and Relocate with the Claymore community. Here we will host our events so you can meet up with others in your local community who have also moved and have been on a similar journey. Ask questions, share tips and come along to our events and make some new friends along the way! 

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