Aussie Slang

Aussie Slang Translation
Ambo Ambulance
Bogan Slacker, tinker
Cockie Farmer
Fiery Fireman
Piss Alcohol
Maccas McDonalds
Dacks/Pants Trousers
Esky Coolbox or Chilly Bin
Thongs Flip Flops
Bottle-O Off-License/Liquor Shop
The Gabba Woolloongabba Brisbane Cricket Ground
Lolly Any sweet (candy)
Milko The Milkman
Mozzie Mosquito
Pokies Slots/Fruit Macines
Root Sex
Route Pronounce like Grout or people will assume you are talking about sex
Durry Cigarette
Swag Bedding for sleeping outside
Stubby A small beer
Pot 285ml beer
Woop Woop Any small bush town

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