Useful Apps


This is a great app for paying for parking. The app will invoice you monthly, it only charges you for the precise time you park, and if you pay for the upgraded version it also reminds you to switch off your app if you drive off and forget to cancel your parking. We love CellOPark!


This app will help you get from A to B, and then on to C. It’s a Queensland Government App and it searches all forms of transport for you and help you plan the best route. It will also provide fare information and up to date travel info from MyTransLink.


This app lets you view your member details, submit claims, download your history and loads more. It’s very handy to have all this info at your fingertips from the word go as you can also have access to your family records too which is great when needing the kids’ immunisation records or your claim history should you need it.


Water3 is changing the way we access water. These handy little kiosks are dotted around our beautiful city. These kiosks allow you to refill your water bottle on the go with filtered, chilled, still or sparkling water. Download the app to always know where your nearest water refill station is and help us reduce our plastic waste.

Brisbane Bin

The Brisbane Bin app is a handy app to check which day each bin goes out. Brisbane City Council prides itself on its recycling and the app can help you decide whether or not something can go in the recycling or general waste. Download this app, pop in your postcode and that’s it. The app will also text you when it’s the annual large item collection week.

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