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Located in Southeast Asia and Oceania, the Republic of Indonesia is a unique country that consists of more than 17,000 different islands. With destinations such as Bali, Lombok, Komodo and the Gili Islands receiving millions of visitors each year, Indonesia is often associated with laid-back island living and luxury holidays. But don’t let the tourist lens fool you: Indonesia is so much more than beaches and waterfalls! Home to unimaginably variegated landscapes including volcanoes, mountains, jungles, mangroves, coral gardens, grasslands and more, Indonesia has incredible natural wonders to explore. Indonesia has also established itself as one of the largest producers and exporters of agricultural products in the world.

If this beautiful country has captivated you and you want to know how to move to Indonesia, this quick guide is for you!


Fast facts

  • Indonesia is home to more than 700 different languages and dialects.
  • Indonesia is the largest archipelago in the world.
  • Indonesia is not only the country with the third-most volcanoes in the world but also played host to one of the largest volcano eruptions in modern times in the late 1800s.


Why do people relocate to Indonesia?

Indonesia is known for its warm and welcoming local culture. Along with this, Indonesia is a generally safe country to live in. The tropical climate makes for pleasant weather conditions year-round — ideal for spending time outside and exploring the country’s diverse landscapes. The affordable cost of living in Indonesia is also a major attraction for people relocating from Australia, Europe and America.

When relocating to Indonesia with children, there are three types of schools to choose from: public schools, which are free of charge with classes being taught in Indonesian; international schools; and private schools, which are more affordable than international schools and offer classes in English. There are several benefits to obtaining permanent residency in Indonesia, including the freedom to enter and exit the country with a two-year multiple-entry permit. Permanent residents can also become the director of a company, apply for loans, jointly own property with an Indonesian spouse and open a local bank account.


What do I need to know before moving to Indonesia?

With the exception of a selected few origin countries, most travellers can enter Indonesia for 30 days without a visa. An affordable visa-on-arrival option is available for purchase on main Indonesian airports and seaports, granting travellers access to the country for 60 days. Finding work and obtaining an Indonesian work visa can be difficult. The country offers two types of permits: the limited stay ITAS, which is issued by the Indonesian Immigration Directorate General via the local immigration office, and the permanent stay KITAS, which is only available to expat employees who have held an ITAS for at least three consecutive years.

Luckily, the Indonesian tourism minister recently announced good news for travellers planning to move to Indonesia. The country is introducing a five-year digital nomad visa, which will enable remote workers and freelancers to live in Indonesia tax-free. This visa only applies to people whose income comes from companies outside Indonesia.


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