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Situated on the southernmost tip of the African continent, South Africa is one of the most breathtaking countries across the globe. Since most tourists visiting South Africa only travel to a select few popularised destinations, there are plenty of misconceptions about the culture, landscapes and wildlife found in this country. South Africa is one of the most diverse places on earth, not only in terms of language and culture but also in biodiversity, urbanisation, and income disparity between different economic groups.


Fast facts

  • South Africa has 11 national languages.
  • At around 260 million years old, it is believed that South Africa’s iconic Table Mountain is one of the oldest mountains in the world.
  • South Africa has three capital cities: Cape Town, the legislative capital; Pretoria, the executive capital; and Bloemfontein, the judicial capital.


Why do people relocate to South Africa?

South Africa’s natural beauty, inviting local culture, and affordable cost of living are all major plus points for travellers and people seeking permanent residency in this country. The general cost of accommodation, food, travel and education in South Africa is highly favourable compared to countries in the global West. That being said, local income rates in South Africa are also significantly lower than in American and European settings.

South African cities and towns present a wide variety of options for relocation, depending on your lifestyle and working conditions. While the main cities such as Johannesburg and Cape Town are buzzing with life, culture and entertainment, smaller towns located further away from these urban hubs offer a different kind of charm. Nature lovers and outdoor adventurers will have a blast in South Africa, exploring the diverse plant life and animal kingdom in landscapes ranging from beaches, wetlands, indigenous forests and fynbos mountains to deserts, savannahs and grasslands.


What do I need to know before moving to South Africa?

Before moving to South Africa, you should note that this country has a complex past, of which the consequences remain evident today. For one, South Africa has a major wealth gap along with numerous issues such as an electricity crisis, which is managed by implementing scheduled power outages throughout the day to alleviate pressure from utilities. But don’t let that put you off! When the lights go out, the braai fires are lit and the jokes start (“the ‘e’ in ‘South Africa’ is for ‘electricity’”). On that note, once moving to South Africa you will quickly learn the local slang and adapt to the one-of-a-kind South African sense of humour.

On a more practical note, South Africa offers several visa options for people looking to travel or relocate. This includes a tourist e-visa, visit visa, business visa, medical visa, work visa, study visa, exchange visa, relatives’ visa and retired persons’ visa. Once you arrive in South Africa, the best forms of public transport are buses and e-hailing taxi services. Renting a car will ensure ultimate convenience for getting around. Further to this, South Africa does not have universal healthcare but does offer government-subsidised public healthcare, of which the fees are calculated based on the income and residence status of the individual. Most South Africans who can afford it opt to make use of private healthcare services.


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