3 Tips to ensure your relocating employees have a great move

Feb 19, 2020 | Uncategorized

Recruiting is an expensive and lengthy process. If you are relocating those employees then it can be even more prolonged and costly. With the added pressure that they may change their mind. This is why we say it is best to ensure that they have a great onboarding and moving experience. 

Claymore Thistle is specialized on Corporate Relocations. This includes the preparation, the move itself and the first few weeks and months in their new home and role.

Ensuring a successful transition for them and any family members will make for a happier employee who is more likely to stay with the company. It can cost a business around $25,000 – $90,000* per employee to relocate existing employees or new hires. In the worst-case scenario, the move doesn’t go well and you may lose that new employee and with it all the money spent on the recruitment and relocation process. Here are our three top tips to help your employees have a great move:


Moving from overseas can be stressful so offering your employees a helping hand will remove some of that stress. Having a standard checklist of things that need to be considered can really help ensure that all points are covered off before the big move. If the employees are moving from overseas then there may be terminology that they are unfamiliar with such as ‘TFN’ for Tax File Number. Provide a glossary with the checklist so that unfamiliar terminology is less of a murky area for the newcomers. If your current employees are left to deal with all the arrangements for moving a new resource into the business, they may not have the time, nor desire to spend a lot of time thinking and planning the move. It is difficult when your employees are already fulfilling their own roles and do not have capacity to take on additional work. From the start, a relocation expert can work with your employees to iron out the details. Agents can help with working through the decision on whether or not they want to sell or rent out their current home, whilst simultaneously helping them with the rental or purchase of their new home. This assistance can include many levels such as finding short-term accommodation, storage, shipping, pet transport and hire of furniture and cars.


If you haven’t done it before, moving can be overwhelming. To make things easier and less stressful we recommend arranging for someone to meet them at the airport upon arrival. This initial simple step can help people feel a little more relaxed as they do not have to worry about finding their way to the new accommodation as someone else is taking care of them. A relocation agent will meet and greet your new arrivals at the airport, take them and their luggage to their accommodation and provide a gift basket with little essentials to help them settle in. Its the little things that make the big differences.

After Care:

Ensure your employees have support after their arrival to assist them with the settling in process. They may have questions around the accommodation rules and regulations in their new city, the best schools, local social clubs, and general local information If this is their first time moving it can be tricky to know what to expect and what they need to do and a friendly helping hand can make this transition period so much smoother.

Outsourcing to a good relocation consultant can be a useful way of making sure all of these things happen, without causing any disruption to your existing staff. An agent can offer advice and friendly support, attend to them whenever they require, and offer advice on multiple areas, freeing your resources up from any stressful unknowns and generally just helping them transition into their new home and job.

Relocation consultants are used to dealing with the unexpected things that crop up during a move. They are organised, yet flexible and able to deal with the unexpected. A smooth move will lead to greater staff retention in the longer term. It can also keep you competitive in the recruitment market.

Outsourcing to Claymore Thistle’s capable relocation program will allow your existing employees to focus on the tasks they have been employed for, whilst we use our local networks and suppliers to make the move the best and most cost-effective as possible, allowing everything to run smoothly.

Claymore thistle offers you a wide range of Corporate Relocation Services Australia! Contact your Relocation Agents in Australia today!

*figures from www.urbanbound.com

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