3 Reasons Why Corporate Businesses Should Use A Relocation Consultant

Feb 19, 2020 | Uncategorized

We all know the struggle of moving house: Headache inducing and often expensive, This is where a relocation consultant comes in!

When the topic of relocation comes up its no wonder a groan of despair often follows. Relocation consultants make these headaches go away. A relocation agent can provide the service of assisting, managing and supporting an individual through their move, either for domestic or commercial relocating. They can even tackle the big questions about the moving process, including the finance side of things. A Relocation Consultant can be the saving grace from the upheaval of a move, so let’s take a look at three reasons why corporate businesses should use them.

Reason 1 – Prepares Your Old Home

Relocation Consultants are involved right from the start – at your old home. They can tailor recommendations to your specific situation, managing shipment, removals, providing quotes and even organising the preparations that go into selling. Their aim is to relieve you from the stress, so it’s their job to consult with you and help you decide what will work for you based on your finances and time frame. If you’re at a complete loss on what to do, they’ll even be prepared to visit your home and take stock of your belongings, formulating a plan that is most convenient to you.


Reason 2 – Prepares Your New Home

A surprise relocation can mean having to make uninformed decisions or finding yourself completely blindsided with unexpected legwork. Relocation Consultants can take that anxiety away, as they will be the ones to take charge and negotiate with potential landlords or agents in order to find a suitable neighbourhood or residence to meet your needs. When moving overseas, the Consultants are capable of organizing passports, airline tickets, travel insurance and even immunisation shots, as well as ensuring that you and the company comply with the local policies or laws. On your behalf, they can meet with inspectors, contractors, and removalists to maintain a smooth and easy transfer from your old location to your new one.

Reason 3 – Prepares Your Family

It might come as a surprise, but Relocation Consultants are well versed in looking after your children through the move too, even the furry kind. They can organize the travel for pet’s interstate or even overseas and plan for any permits or licences that might be required. When it comes to your two-legged children, Consultants can work on your behalf to arrange childcare or school enrollments, preparing paperwork or documentation for your convenience, so that all you need leaving to do is sign.

Relocation Consultants are the gifts that keep on giving. They are present from the first contact, to the very first step into your new home and beyond. Through their support and moving know-how, they allow you (or your staff) to maintain focus on their work during the relocation and not let the stress of moving impact the business. As experts, you know you’ll be in safe hands during what is undoubtedly, one of the most volatile situations in life.


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