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In a hyper-globalised world where technology and remote working conditions are continuously evolving, moving abroad is easier than it has ever been before. Deciding to pack up your life and settle down in a foreign country is no easy task, and it can be challenging to know whether this is the right call for you. Perhaps you’ve received an exciting new job offer, want to move closer to friends or family living abroad, or want to expand your worldview by exploring a different country and culture — whatever your reason for wanting to move abroad, you are most likely wondering whether the adventure will be worth the stress that comes with global relocation.

At Claymore Thistle, we are big advocates for challenging the limits of your comfort zone! In this article, we will take a look at the main reasons why people decide to move abroad to give you some insight into the global relocation journey.


A new job or company transfer

Work is one of the most prominent reasons why people move overseas. This could be due to a company transfer, a new job opportunity, or a complete career change. Some countries are better suited for certain jobs and skills, which may inspire someone to set up camp elsewhere to advance their career. Thanks to the rapid increase in remote and online working opportunities over the last few years, you may not need to relocate to a different country immediately (or at all) to start working in a particular role — depending on your line of work, of course. Yet a new job might be just the sign you have been waiting for to kickstart your relocation journey!


Family or a significant other

Next up, a person may choose to move abroad if they want to reunite with family or perhaps accompany a partner who is relocating overseas for work. This includes parents who want to live closer to their children (and vice versa), families who have gotten split up due to work, study, or financial reasons, and couples who do not want to live apart. Many countries offer family and partner visas for people who want to relocate without having a local job or a different mode of legal entry into the country.


Study opportunities

Education is a major reason why people choose to move overseas, whether permanently or only for a short period. This pertains to both international students as well as parents who want to send their children to school in a particular location to learn a specialised set of skills or master a certain language. In terms of tertiary study, many universities are popular among international students due to the quality of education and the potential for cultural immersion. Oftentimes, international students living abroad come to love their temporary home so much that they end up staying forever!

Better living conditions

Moving abroad in pursuit of a higher quality of life is a common reason for wanting to relocate. An increase in income, a decrease in living expenses, a safer environment, better work and study opportunities, more stable economic and political conditions, less inequality, less pollution, a more exciting cultural scene… These are all motivating factors that may inspire someone to relocate to a different city or country.


Lifestyle choices

Choosing a relocation destination based on lifestyle preferences is especially common among the younger generation of travellers. Online work and the growth of the freelance economy have enabled a whole new lifestyle for remote workers, who have the freedom to choose where they want to live regardless of the location of their employer. Foodies and music fans may find that European countries tend to all of their social and cultural needs, while adventurers and outdoor enthusiasts may be more drawn to southern Africa and the Asia Pacific region. If your working scenario allows for it, you can effortlessly tailor your life according to your unique lifestyle choices!


Cultural experience

Finally, many people decide to move abroad because they are looking for a new challenge or cultural experience. Relocating to a different country marks a major change in anyone’s life. When feeling uninspired or stagnant in a job, relationship or particular setting, a person may experience the urge to ‘start over’ somewhere else. While moving abroad won’t solve all your problems, it will certainly launch you into an exciting new phase of your life. A person or family may also decide to relocate elsewhere when a particular chapter in their lives has come to an end. Retiring from a career, wanting to downsize their house and amount of belongings or longing for a new adventure after their children have left the house are all reasons why people may seek a change of scenery.

If you want to move abroad, but feel intimidated and overwhelmed by the challenges of global relocation, you are not alone. When planning a move abroad, your relocation agent will become your best friend! Enlisting professional help will manage the stress of planning the big move and can even reduce the cost of global relocation. Whatever you need support with — deciding on a relocation destination, finding work abroad, applying for visas, finding accommodation abroad, selling or renting out your property, shipping your belongings, and more — your relocation specialist can take care of all the tough tasks on your to-do list.

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