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I would like to move using a relocation agent but it’s just an added cost….

Does this sound like something you may have thought? We believe that using a Relocation agent can in the long run, actually save you money.

A basic set-up for a family of four may be moving interstate or from another country to Perth. They don’t know the area and have no friends or family there to advise, so they may not have the means to secure a rental before they get there, in which case they are looking at short-term accommodation for a week or two whilst they find and secure a rental.

What do these costs look like:

2-week AirBnB in Brisbane              $1,500 – $2,000

Eating out – 2 weeks                         $1,000

Car Hire – 2 weeks                            $1,000

If you hired an agent to assist with the move you could have a rental leased and ready for your arrival. This could cost from around $500 a week and up depending on your tastes.

A normal shopping budget for two weeks of around $300 and cheaper car hire using our preferred partners.

The home could also be furnished ahead of arrival with the gas and electricity switched on for you to come in and get a nice cup of tea and a friendly face picking you up at the airport and taking you to your new home.

Imagine letting someone else handle the viewings, create a shortlist, handle the application process and pick you up from the airport on arrival.

In addition to that, an agent can arrange for your internet to be connected before arrival, provide ongoing support after your arrival and a welcome goodie bag to set you off on the right foot.

If those cost and time savings aren’t enough, then you may also be able to save some money come tax time! See our next blog article for more details.

So it may pay to use the experts. Not only will a relocation agent save you time and stress, but we will also save you some money!

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