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With plenty of job opportunities, a high standard of living, low crime rates, excellent healthcare, top-notch education, and a nation that is known for its friendliness, Canada is one of the world’s most popular relocation destinations. Further to this, Canada permits dual citizenship as long as your country of origin allows it — a major bonus for people who don’t want to give up their citizenship status in their birth country.

If you want to relocate to Canada, we’ve got good news: moving to Canada is relatively simple since the country is eager to welcome skilled workers from abroad. That being said, you still need to follow the correct relocation process to obtain the right documentation.


Fast facts

  • Although Canada is the second-largest country in the world, it has the fourth lowest population density since much of the country is uninhabited.
  • Canada has two official languages: English and French.
  • Canada is known for its lakes and mountain landscapes. This country has more lakes than the rest of the world combined!


Why do people relocate to Canada?

Canada presents a high quality of life. This extends to job opportunities, education facilities, healthcare services, public transport, safety, sustainability, and local culture. Canadian employers offer a wide range of benefits to employees, including generous annual leave, sick pay, and maternity and paternity leave, all of which contributes to an uplifting and rewarding working culture.

Wondering where is the best place to settle down when moving to Canada? The country’s main cities and towns all have a unique charm. While Ottawa is a popular choice among families who value the city’s greenery, safety and great public transport system, Montreal and Toronto are especially loved by students and young working professionals. Vancouver is also a well-loved Canadian city with its vibrant arts and entertainment scene, vintage shops, quirky bars and coffee shops.


What do I need to know before moving to Canada?

Firstly, you should know that Canada is really cold! A large part of the country receives lots of snow each year with temperatures regularly dropping below zero. Luckily, these weather conditions don’t last all year. During the summer months, days are warm and pleasant with temperatures rising to around 35°C, depending on where in Canada you are.

Next, let’s talk about visas. When planning to move to Canada, check whether or not you need an entry visa. This will depend on your country of origin. US citizens, for example, can enter Canada visa-free for up to six months. To apply for a Canadian work visa, you need to prove that you are financially stable, will leave the country once your work permit expires, do not have a criminal record, and are in good health.

Once you arrive in Canada, the best option is to use temporary housing until you settle in and have a better idea of your accommodation needs. Another item on your to-do list should be opening a local bank account using your identity card or permanent resident card. Keep in mind that your national healthcare benefits may only become available after around three months of living in Canada. It’s therefore a good idea to purchase private healthcare insurance for this period until you are eligible for the free healthcare offered to citizens and residents.


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