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The United Kingdom is one of the best places to live and work in the world. Taking into account factors such as healthcare, education, job opportunities, environment, community, housing and income, the UK scores high on all quality of life charts. Thinking of moving to the UK? Here is what you need to know!


Fast facts

  • The UK has a sport called “cheese rolling”.
  • Queen Elizabeth II is the second-longest reigning monarch in history.
  • Located in southeast England, the nearly 1,000-year-old Windsor Castle is the largest occupied castle in the world.


Why do people relocate to the UK?

The UK boasts an ideal geographic location, offering convenient and affordable access to Europe thanks to a well-connected and well-functioning public transport system — both locally and internationally. Many people find that relocating to the UK is a seamless process since the nature of the language and culture makes it easier to adjust to life in England. The local community is known for their kindness and warmth, which contributes to the overall positive experience of moving to the UK.

Further to this, the UK offers many benefits in terms of healthcare, education and career advancement. The UK has some of the best schools and tertiary education facilities in the world, luring international students from all over Europe and beyond to study at one of the country’s many globally renowned universities. In terms of healthcare provision, legal residents of the UK have access to free public healthcare through the tax-funded National Health Service, which includes hospital, physician and mental health care. The UK also has a wide range of job opportunities on offer, which is a major benefit for expats and international students looking to take on a new career challenge and upgrade their quality of life.


What do I need to know before moving to the UK?

To live and work in the UK, you need to obtain a long-term work visa by finding employment, applying for the correct visa type, and getting an Indefinite Leave to Remain (ILR). The visa type for which you need to apply (for example an innovator/start-up visa, a skilled worker visa, an international sportsperson visa etc.) will depend on your skills, the type of work you are looking for, and whether your employer will sponsor your work permit. Should you meet the requirements, you could apply for a UK ancestry visa, a British national overseas visa, a global talent visa, or a visa related to the fields of academia and research, arts and culture, or digital technology.


Ready to relocate to the UK?

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