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The Netherlands is a country situated in northwestern Europe, bordering Germany to the east and Belgium to the south. Its name translates to “lower countries” in reference to its low elevation. Among the most popular cities to live in the Netherlands are Amsterdam, Utrecht, Rotterdam, and The Hague. Dutch is the official language although English is widely spoken across the country. The Netherlands is not only a beautiful country with a high quality of life and plenty of opportunities to travel the rest of Europe but is also abundant in opportunities for work and study. Want to learn more about personal and corporate relocation to the Netherlands? Let’s dive right into it!


Fast facts

  • The Dutch are known to be the tallest people in Europe.
  • The Netherlands is one of the most densely populated countries in the world.
  • The Dutch are avid cyclists: the county has around twice as many bicycles as cars!


Why do people relocate to the Netherlands?

Life in the Netherlands moves at a slower pace than elsewhere. The country is known to be safe and pedestrian-friendly, allowing people to walk or cycle wherever they need to be. Since the country and most of its cities are relatively small, it’s easy to commute to work or school by walking or cycling. This method of getting around also keeps the Dutch people happy, healthy and fit, contributing to the overall high quality of life. Along with this, the Netherlands is renowned for its healthy food — another reason why people living here boast top-notch health.

Monthly healthcare scheme payments are mandatory in the Netherlands, which makes for a very efficient healthcare system. Further to this, the Netherlands has some of the best-rated school systems in the world. The country also has world-class universities that attract thousands of international students each year. Another major advantage of living in the Netherlands is the low unemployment rate. As a bonus, the country maintains a healthy work-life balance.


What do I need to know before moving to the Netherlands?

EU/EEA citizens are allowed to enter and stay in the Netherlands visa-free. For stays that exceed four months, this group of expats need to register their stay at the local municipal personal records database. Non-EU/EEA/Swiss citizens looking to move to the Netherlands must obtain a temporary residence permit and live in the country for five continuous years before they will become eligible for permanent residency. To relocate to the Netherlands for employment purposes, you first need to find a job in the country and apply for a Dutch work visa. The most in-demand jobs in the Netherlands are in the industries of engineering, healthcare, hospitality, IT, data, finance, and manufacturing.


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