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Singapore, the garden city of Asia, has grown into a popular relocation destination for digital nomads, entrepreneurs, and international students alike. Despite being one of the smallest countries across the globe, this city-state is also one of the world’s most affluent countries with an overall high standard of living. Over the past few decades, Singapore has experienced major transformation, most notably being restored into a green oasis with some of the most impressive urban gardening phenomena established to date.


Fast facts

  • Singapore became an independent state in 1965.
  • In addition to the main island, Singapore consists of around 60 other smaller islands.
  • Singapore has four official languages: English, Mandarin, Malay and Tamil.


Why do people relocate to Singapore?

As a popular travel destination, Singapore attracts millions of visitors each year. Singapore has it all: incredible food at the city’s iconic hawker centres, a blend of ancient and modern architecture, a cosmopolitan arts and culture scene, and strong ties to history and heritage. The city has a wealth of parks, gardens and nature reserves. Since the government has implemented strict laws against littering and polluting, this city is one of the cleanest urban spaces in the world.

A few of Singapore’s highlights include the Singapore Botanic Gardens (which was named the country’s first UNESCO World Heritage Site), the expansive range of tree species in the Bukit Timah Nature Reserve, the famous Jewel Changi Airport that houses the tallest indoor waterfall in the world, and the ethereal Gardens by the Bay that has made international history as the largest greenhouse built to date. Once you escape the city, you will find that Singapore has plenty more sceneries and landscapes to offer. From the stunning Tanjong Beach and Palawan Beach to the awe-inspiring Mount Faber, adventure-seekers will have an amazing time exploring Singapore off the beaten path.


What do I need to know before moving to Singapore?

Singapore is one of the most expensive places to live in the world. Note that while ranked among the most expensive cities in the world for tourists, Singapore is indexed around number 50 for locals.  Although it has a high cost of living, the city also offers a high quality of life while having above-average income rates. Further to this, Singapore maintains relatively low personal income tax rates while providing some of the world’s best tech education and healthcare services. Singapore’s cost of living may seem drastic, but this is largely dependent on your spending, your place of residence, and the currency you earn in.

Not sure where to start looking for accommodation in Singapore? Orchard, Tanglin, Chinatown and Marina Bay are among the most popular neighbourhoods to live in Singapore. Holland Village, River Valley, Woodlands and East Coast are notably well-loved among expats and families who are looking for bigger homes at more affordable rates than what you would pay in the city centre. One solution to the high cost of living in Singapore is co-living. Travellers, long-term expats, students, young working professionals, and people who are new to the city are typically more inclined to reside in co-living spaces to save money, enjoy the benefit of ultimate convenience, and form part of a community.


Ready to relocate to Singapore?

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