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Claymore Thistle is a National Relocation agency that takes the stress and hassle out of relocating from overseas or interstate to all areas across Australia.

Claymore Thistle was born out of the of joy of helping others acclimatise and settle in to a new destination and home. Our Founder, moved from the UK to Australia in 2010 with a moving budget and a dream, but no idea on where to live or what to expect. Relocating came with a whole list of interesting challenges, some trial and error and a lot of guesswork.

Through chatting with friends and other expats, it became obvious that so many others had experienced similar moving trials and tribulations and she felt there had to be an easier and more enjoyable way to relocate, whether that be interstate or international.

Founded in 2016 Claymore Thistle’s mission is to ensure a personalised and enjoyable customer experience and with local know-how and experience. Claymore Thistle are known for genuinely caring about their clients’ needs, making their relocation an exciting and pleasing experience.

Whether you are moving yourself, your family or relocating colleagues, Claymore Thistle will save you time, remove things which feel like difficult challenges, lay out clear steps throughout and and remove unnecessary stress.


Our Values:

INTEGRITY                  We pride ourselves on doing what we say we’re going to do and being open and honest both internally as a team and        externally with our clients and service providers

CAN-DO ATTITUDE    Passionate about what we do, we like to solve problems and get the job done

PROFESSIONAL          We are efficient, professional, diligent and hard working

COLLABORATIVE       Whether working with other team members, service providers or others in the industry we love collborating if it leads to a    better outcome



Relocation Agency Claymore Thistle: Our Mission

With every relocation we do, we endeavour to provide the best experience so moving house is no longer one of the most stressful things to do, it’s an enjoyable adventure to your new life!

We have offices and team members globally; with detailed knowledge of where you are moving to. So whether you’re moving to Calgary or Canberra , we’ve got you covered.  





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